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The Deepo Tuesday Bazaar is available every Tuesday, with the 90 brands in our shopping centre – each one more famous than the other – taking part in the Bazaar with hundreds of products which have been additionally reduced in price. Deepo Outlet has also made the fun of the Tuesday Bazaar even more colourful with the animation shows and surprise activities it has prepared for its visitors. The atmosphere of the local bazaar, which is an indispensable part of Turkish culture, is mirrored inside the shopping centre with all of its naturalness by Deepo Outlet, who presents its consumers with completely fresh and economically priced greens, and seasonal fruits and vegetables, at the Tuesday Bazaar. The only address for those who want to experience the pleasure of the Bazaar, both economically, and while having fun, the Deepo shopping centre, every Tuesday, invites you to the Tuesday Bazaar...